Meet Dr. Baghai
Roxanna Baghai, D.D.S. obtained her dental degree from the New York University College of Dentistry after graduating with Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California Irvine. She then completed her residency program at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry. Dr. Baghai has been practicing in Southern California for several years and is well respected in the community. She continues to attend post-graduate courses to stay on the forefront of dental technology and to offer you the most sophisticated, advanced techniques available.

We work closely with patients to assure the best and most effective treatment for each and every patients' individual needs. Exceptional customer service is our number one goal.

Dr. Baghai believes the best way to build a lasting relationship with her patients is by addressing all of their needs and providing them with the attention they deserve. Dr. Baghai's patients experience a very thorough examination and are treated so well that majority of them refer their loved ones to her. In fact, most of our new patients are referred by someone they know as a patient at our office! The best referral source for our practice is a smiling, satisfied patient.

  About our office
We are proud of the environment that we have created to help you feel comfortable. Our patients notice how beautiful and modern our practice is, and understand that the quality of our dental care is reflected in the quality and cleanliness of the office.

While always offering the newest technological and artistic advantages, we pledge not to lose what is most important: Exceptional Customer Service.

Feeling taken care of in a medical setting comes from genuine interest and concern for your comfort and well being by trusted friends. Instead of high turnover assembly line dentistry, we purposely limit the size of our client list so that we can build lifelong friendships. Our sincere hope is that every time you come to our office you will feel as though you are coming to see a good and trusted friend.

We are here to pamper you. It should be a very unique and pleasant dental visit for you, from the time you enter, enjoying a cup of tea or bottled water, while catering to your every need throughout the visit. We're committed to making this a stress free, restful, and yes, even enjoyable dental experience.

We have created a soothing peaceful atmosphere. Unlike the typical sterile feel and smell of most dental offices, our reception area is accented with comfortable furnishings, with the scent of aromatherapy in the air.

When it's time for you to enter the treatment area, you'll immediately notice that our office is state-of-the-art. Computerization, digital radiography, digital photos of smiles and digital imaging are available to you so that you and Dr. Baghai can look at everything together on the computer. You can look at your teeth as you've never seen them before and, as a result, understand your dental needs as you've never been able to do before. You'll be able to sense how we truly love learning about your oral health situation.

Your health and safety are very important to us. Rest assured, we exceed all standards in sterilization and OSHA concerns. We use only the highest quality, most biocompatible materials including mercury free fillings. Having the best and safest equipment, materials, and techniques are hallmarks to Dr. Baghai's practice!

Photo of Dr. Baghai